January 20, 2023
Heat Pump in Lincoln, IL

As another winter season hits, homeowners throughout the country are feeling the financial pressures from heating their homes. If your existing heating system is on its last leg or you’re simply looking for a more energy-efficient solution than you currently have, a heat pump may come to mind. However, is it really cheaper to run than electric heat?

Heat Pump Operation

Before we can answer this question for you, it’s imperative that you understand the two different ways that a heat pump works to heat your home. During normal operation, a heat pump will pull heat from the air outside and transport that heat to the inside of your home.

It does this through a substance known as refrigerant. Your heat pump will continuously pump heat into your home until your thermostat reads the temperature that you have set. However, it’s very important to note that heat pumps only function normally when temperatures outside are above freezing.

When temperatures dip below freezing, your heat pump is going to struggle to pull heat from the air outside. It will eventually switch over to its auxiliary heating mode so that it can produce adequate heat. Auxiliary heating is very similar to electric heat, where electricity is utilized to heat up the heat pump’s internal coil. Then, the blower fan will force the warm air throughout your home.

A Look at Energy Use

When a heat pump is operating normally, it utilizes much less energy to heat your home than other sources of electric heat do. This can make it a winner in keeping your heating costs down. However, when your heat pump goes into auxiliary heating mode, its efficiency level will be similar to that of electric heaters. Therefore, a heat pump will only be cheaper to run in areas where the wintertime temperatures don’t dip below freezing.

Reliable Heat Pump Service

Quick Comfort provides reliable heat pump service for the entire Lincoln, IL community. We can also help with all of your furnace, air conditioning, refrigeration, indoor air quality, and duct cleaning needs. Contact us today to schedule your next service appointment with one of our highly skilled service technicians.

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