December 20, 2021
Furnace Repair in Lincoln, IL

As winter approaches and cold weather begins to set in, you will probably turn on your heater for the first time in a prolonged period. However, the warmth may be accompanied by an unpleasant or strange burning smell. This burning odor is relatively common, and in most cases, harmless. But you should not ignore the odor as it may illustrate a potential problem. Here are the common causes of that burning odor.

Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter harbors a lot of debris, including dust and pet dander. When heated air flows through the filter, it can produce a foul burning smell. You can eliminate this odor by changing the air filter. But if the smell persists after replacing the air filter, call Quick Comfort for professional inspection and repair.


It’s normal to smell a burning odor when you use your heating system for the first after a long period of rest. As your heating system rests all spring, summer, and fall, dust can settle on the burners, air ducts, heat exchangers, and other internal components. This dust and other debris burn off when you turn on the heater, producing an acrid burning odor. Luckily, this odor should clear up within some minutes and doesn’t indicate a problem with your heater. However, if it lingers for more than an hour, call Quick Comfort for emergency maintenance.

Wiring Problems

In rare cases, that burning smell can emanate from your heater’s electrical system. Although wiring problems are uncommon, they occasionally occur, so it’s crucial to get to the bottom of that odor. If you have recently replaced the air filter and the burning odor persists, we recommend calling an HVAC specialist, especially if it smells like burning plastic. This burning plastic odor could be caused by melting wiring insulation within the heater, which mainly occurs when the heating system has an electrical issue. Turn your heating system off and have Quick Comfort fix the problem.

Lincoln Heating Repairs

Although noticing a burning smell coming from the furnace can be alarming, it’s often nothing to worry about. There’s a possibility your heating system needs some TLC to clear up the odor. Other times, your unit needs professional maintenance service to get it working normally again.

At Quick Comfort, we provide reliable HVAC installation, repairs, and maintenance services in Lincoln, IL, and nearby areas. You can also trust us for indoor air quality and ductwork services. We operate 24/7 to serve you better. Call us today!

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