June 6, 2021
Thermostat check

Keeping your AC’s thermostat at a specific temperature can support lower operating costs while keeping you comfortable. Many people refer to this temperature setting as the magic number. Whether you have a standalone unit or a central AC system installed, the same temperature setting should be used.

While You’re at Home

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a temperature setting of 78 degrees while you are at home. Setting the temperature higher can help save money, but only makes sense if you’re still comfortable in the home. Additional humidity control may be needed at higher temperatures.

While You’re Away

To really save on your power bill, raise your thermostat setting 7-10 degrees higher than the normal setting. Leave this setting in place for at least eight hours a day. For most, this would occur while everyone is away at work. If you stay at home, you can raise the temperature in the morning hours and typically remain comfortable. Turn off the AC system if the home will be unoccupied for 24 hours or more.

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More Ways to Stay Comfortable

In order to properly cool the whole house, make sure your AC is the right size for your floor plan. Keeping drapes closed during the day can help keep a room cool. A programmable thermostat makes temperature adjustments easy and automatic. Programmable thermostats can return indoor temperatures to normal before you arrive home.

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