September 19, 2023
Furnace maintenance in Lincoln, IL

Scheduling furnace maintenance is necessary to protect the comfort and efficiency of your home in Lincoln. When an HVAC professional comes to your home, there are a number of tasks that they will perform to ensure that your furnace is in working order.

Filter Inspection and Change

A furnace filter should be changed every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type you have. A professional inspection of this filter will determine if you’re changing it frequently enough and if you’re using the proper filter. This simple task can dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

Heat Exchanger

Inspecting the heat exchanger in your furnace for any signs of damage or corrosion will provide security that your furnace is going to run all year. It’s not uncommon for this part to become cracked or worn out over time. Signs your heat exchanger is in need of service include strange noises coming from your furnace and strange smells.

Checking the Blower Motor

The blower motor in your furnace sends conditioned air back into your home. If this part of your system isn’t working properly, you may notice slow airflow from your vents or uncomfortable indoor temperatures. A professional will look for a tight seal on the blower motor, perform an amp-draw test, and clean the unit.

Inspecting and Servicing Electrical Components

Wires and electrical connections in a furnace can become damaged over time, resulting in the need for repair. It’s important that a professional can inspect and address these issues early on in order to prevent major failures down the line.

If you want your Lincoln home to remain comfortable while being able to keep your utility bills under control, periodic furnace maintenance is necessary. Quick Comfort can take care of the annual maintenance of your HVAC system, but we also offer the installation of new furnaces and air conditioners, indoor air quality assessments, duct cleanings, AC and heater repairs, and more. Give Quick Comfort a call today to schedule an appointment.

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