October 18, 2023
furnace repair in Lincoln, IL

Some furnace problems are simple to fix while others require help from a professional HVAC company, like Quick Comfort in Lincoln. Here’s a look at the top four furnace problems and what you can do to fix them.

1. Air Filter Issues

Overheating and the subsequent shutdown of your furnace are inevitable results of dirty or clogged air filters. If your furnace’s filter seems dirty, either clean it or buy a new one to replace it. Make sure to keep checking and cleaning or replacing the filter every few weeks throughout the heating season.

2. Pilot Light Problems

If your home has a gas furnace and it won’t turn on, check it to make sure the pilot light is lit. If it goes out, relight it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and pay special attention to the sounds you hear. When you hear clicking sounds, it means the pilot is trying to light so it can kick the furnace on. Get in touch with a furnace repair service if it doesn’t produce a clicking sound or the pilot won’t light.

3. Dead Thermostat Batteries

Dead batteries are one of the most common and easiest-to-fix problems with furnaces. If, however, you replace the batteries and the furnace still won’t kick on, verify it is set to “heat” and call a professional repair company right away.

4. Dirty Ductwork and Air Vents

Check the vents and registers as you make your way through your home. Blocked or broken vents and ducts might cause the furnace to shut off due to overheating. The same thing happens when exhaust and intake vents become blocked or dirty. This is why it’s important to keep all vents in your home clear of clutter.

It’s crucial for your safety and the heating system’s longevity that you have a skilled HVAC firm fix your furnace. Here at Quick Comfort, we even offer emergency furnace repair services as well as duct cleaning and refrigeration repairs.

Give Quick Comfort a call today to schedule a furnace repair.

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