January 10, 2024
HVAC system and installations

An HVAC system installation is an important process that helps promote comfortable and healthy indoor air in your Lincoln, IL, home. Depending on the home layout and equipment design, this process can take one or several days. Some details are common during system installation appointments.

1. Picking the Right System

Your HVAC technician will help you decide which system suits your home based on climatic conditions. You should also consider other factors, such as the size of your home, fuel and power sources to run the system, and the energy efficiency abilities of different HVAC systems on the market. Choosing the right-size system for your home is vital, as oversized or undersized units are typically inefficient. You must also choose a system with readily available fuel for reliable operation. You can leverage a professional’s knowledge and ask for their recommendation.

2. Installation Site Selection

Our HVAC technicians will assess the space where the system’s indoor and outdoor units will be installed. The outdoor unit needs a flat concrete pad with ample clear space for efficient operation. Our technicians will clear the area and lay a protective covering to prevent damage to your floor.

3. System Installation

Most HVAC systems are wall- or floor-mounted, and our technicians will install the system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They will then fabricate and install ductwork and connect it to the unit.

For ductless HVAC units, our team will make a small hole in the wall to pass the conduit that connects the indoor and outdoor units. Other supporting components, like the thermostat, will be installed and connected to the HVAC unit.

4. Testing the System

Poor installation can reduce the performance of your system. Before leaving your home, our HVAC professionals must test all parts of the system and ensure they properly function. They will check for proper airflow, temperature conditions in each room, safety mechanisms, and noises.

You can schedule an HVAC system installation appointment with our NATE-certified technicians at Quick Comfort. We also provide heating and cooling services, financing, and maintenance plans to residents in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Contact Quick Comfort today.

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