Thermostats in Lincoln, ILWhen you are considering changing your thermostat in your Lincoln, IL home, the volume of options can become overwhelming. There are so many different types of thermostats, brands, styles, and more. For so many of us the idea of upgrading to a new smart thermostat can be exciting, considering the many options that are now available. At Quick Comfort we can help guide your decision to find the thermostat that will work for you and your system.

    New Thermostats in Lincoln

    How do you know which thermostat to choose? There are so many possibilities, but first, you need to take into consideration the type and age of the system you have. Are you installing a brand-new system? Is your system old, but not very old? Or is it older than 10 years? All of these make a difference in finding if a particular thermostat you may be interested in will work with your system.

    Some of the options available in thermostats now are:
    • Manual thermostat
    • Programmable thermostat
    • Wifi-enabled thermostat
    • Smart thermostat

    For older systems, you are sure to find a manual or programmable thermostat that will work for you and your system. These types of thermostats don’t include too many bells and whistles and are easily operated. Many older systems cannot operate with a more sophisticated type of thermostats, such as a Wifi-enabled unit, or a smart thermostat. If you have a newer system, or you are considering installing a new HVAC system, then a Wifi-enabled or smart thermostat may work for you.

    Wifi Enabled vs. Smart Thermostats

    Wifi Enabled vs. Smart Thermostats<When it comes to some of the more technologically advanced thermostats, not all are created equal. While Wifi thermostats have some similar capabilities as smart thermostats, they cannot perform all of the same functions. On a Wifi thermostat, you can change the temperature with an app on your phone or tablet, set up your preferences easily, have voice command capabilities, and are energy efficient. However, smart thermostats can connect to a smart home device, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, and a Wifi thermostat cannot. Smart thermostats can also learn from your usage and automatically adjust the settings accordingly. Wifi thermostats do not have this function.

    If you are looking to upgrade your thermostat or your complete HVAC system, thermostat included, let the experts at Quick Comfort help guide you in your decision. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly trained and experienced on all current models of thermostats available. They can fully inform you on each type of thermostat, and the types that will or will not work with your system.

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