August 17, 2021
AC Maintenance in Lincoln, IL

Your air conditioner is critical to keeping your family safe and cool over the hot months. There are even some rumors about your summer cooling that you may just find yourself believing. Here are the ones that could end up costing you higher utility bills or added repair costs in the long term.

Maintenance Doesn’t Matter

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of keeping your air conditioner running optimally over its service life. It’s so important that most manufacturers stipulate maintenance as a term of their warranty.

When you neglect routine maintenance, your system develops inefficiencies that drive up utility costs and operational strain. This leads to preventable repairs and a shortened system service life.

Reducing the Temperature Causes Faster Cooling

You may have heard or thought that if you turn your air conditioner’s temperature down more, it’ll cool more quickly. This makes sense, being this is kind of how your car’s AC works.

Unfortunately, that’s not how a home air conditioner operates. Rather, the unit cools the circulating air between 15 and 20 degrees from the base room temperature. This is enough to cool your home reasonably quickly, but allow for it to circulate the right amount of air.

If your system cools your home too quickly, it won’t dehumidify it properly. It will also not circulate enough air throughout your home, causing hot and cool spots rather than a consistent temperature.

You Should Never Adjust the Temperature

Some people think you should set your temperature and just leave it to get the best efficiency. However, most of us have long periods throughout the day when no one’s home to enjoy that cool air. This means you are expending a lot of energy for no real benefit.

The Department of Energy recommends adjusting your thermostat by between 7 and 10 degrees for about eight hours each day. Doing this reduces your annual cooling costs by about 10%, not to mention reduces the stress on your system.

People around Lincoln seek the services of Quick Comfort and their NATE-certified technicians for heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our team also offers expert indoor air quality solutions. Give us a call to schedule your air conditioning service today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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