March 17, 2021
Garage Heater

Garages are often not part of the home’s heating system and usually have minimal insulation. Therefore, they are often chillier than the main house. You cannot comfortably use your garage whether you turned it into a casual entertainment room, workshop, or extra room if you don’t correctly heat it during winter. The primary purpose of your garage can dictate the heating option you use. Stay comfortable and warm throughout the cold winter weather safely with these heating tips.

Check the Walls and Flooring for Insulation

The materials used in the construction of a garage determine its performance in cold weather. The wrong materials can make any heating solution useless. For instance, most garages have open studded walls and concrete flooring that make the spaces extremely cold. You are likely to have a hard time keeping such a garage warm. Fortunately, you can still heat your garage by insulating the ceiling, walls, and windows. You may choose to use insulation batts or blow-in insulation, depending on your needs, as a simple yet effective heating solution for your garage space.

1. Mounted Electric Heater

A mounted electric heater is an excellent heating solution for your garage during the winter. It has a moderate size that makes it easy to install. You can mount the electric heater on the wall for proper heat distribution throughout the room.

2. Forced-Air Heaters

They are among the cheapest garage heating options you can find because they operate on natural gas. They generate heat through gas combustion and transmit heat throughout the garage via constant air circulation. You can place a forced-air heater on one corner of the garage for maximum heating of the whole space.

3. Infrared Heater

An infrared tube heater can be an ideal heating option for your garage in the winter. However, it’s advisable to buy a low-intensity infrared tube to prevent fire accidents. An infrared heater keeps garages warm through radiating heat throughout the room. It starts by heating the objects in the garage before heating people.

You can find several other heating solutions for your garage. We can offer an ideal option, depending on your heating needs, preferences, and garage space. You can contact us to learn about an array of heating options in Lincoln. We also specialize in air purification services, furnace installation, indoor air quality, and AC maintenance and installation. Talk to Quick Comfort to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to assisting with all of your home climate comfort needs.

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