October 19, 2021
Ductwork Replacement in Lincoln, IL

Like any other HVAC system in your house, your ductwork is also an essential part that needs repairs, maintenance, and replacements. The air ducts in your home play a significant role in ensuring you have good air quality and you and your loved ones live in a comfortable home environment. Taking good care of your ductwork will reduce your energy costs and prevent you from having future unforeseen problems. Several signs indicate your ductwork may need replacing.

Noisy System

If your HVAC system produces loud noises when it’s turned on, there might be a problem with your ductwork. Your ductwork has seals and joints, which can get damaged over time if not properly maintained. When they get damaged, they often produce rattling sounds. Also, if your ductwork has large holes, it makes loud noises when air circulates. A noisy system indicates that you need to inspect your system and replace it if the damage is too extensive.

Uneven Airflow

This is when some rooms in your home don’t get cool or warm compared to the other rooms. It’s caused by leaky, corroded, or damaged ductwork that fails to direct air to all rooms. You can use an indoor thermometer to tell when some of your rooms aren’t getting enough cool or warm air. If there’s a big difference in temperature in some rooms, you might need to check your ductwork. Poor airflow increases energy costs and an uncomfortable home situation.


Mold in your ductwork can be caused by poor insulation or condensation due to different temperatures within your system. When mold accumulates in your ductwork, the mold spores and foul smell are directed to your rooms. This can cause various allergies or other serious health issues. If your HVAC system emits a foul smell every time it’s on, you might need to check your ductwork.

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