November 20, 2021
Winter Heating Options in Lincoln, IL

With a record surge in heating bills expected this winter, many people are looking for alternatives to their usual home heating method. There are a number of ways to supplement your furnace usage and stay warm when cold weather sets in.

Winter Heating Options for your Home

Rather than letting your furnace do all the work, your home can be heated using a number of various secondary heat sources.

Space Heaters

Space heaters were once an unpopular means of heating a home. They were generally considered to be unsafe due to the fact that they used kerosene, a highly flammable liquid fuel, to operate. These days, space heaters are designed to be safer and more efficient. Most models are now electric and are designed with built-in safety features such as automatic shutoff switches in case of overheating or getting knocked over.


Although a single fireplace can’t heat an entire house, it can create a warm, inviting area within a room.
It is important to always observe some common safety tips when using a fireplace, such as keeping the area near the fireplace clear of any flammable materials, making sure the damper is open before building your fire and never allowing a fire to burn unattended.

Electric Blankets/Throws

This is one of the most comfortable, relaxing ways to stay warm when the weather turns chilly. An electric blanket or throw will keep you warm and toasty even on a very low setting. You can turn down your thermostat and curl up under a soft electric blanket. It can also be used to warm up your bed prior to you turning in for the night. No more icy sheets!

Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves may be considered old-fashioned, but they are ideal for providing heat in smaller homes. They save money on fuel bills while creating an atmosphere of nostalgia for many people. You’ll want to make sure your wood-burning stove is placed on a safe, fire-resistant foundation. Keep the area near it clear of flammable materials, and never leave the stove unattended while a fire is burning inside.

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