August 18, 2022
Mini split in Lincoln, IL

If you’ve ever shopped for a residential or commercial cooling unit, you already know that there are numerous options to pick from. One reason for the wide array of choices is simply that no one-size-fits-all cooling solution exists. The dedicated team here at Quick Comfort is highly familiar with all types of cooling systems, and we offer the following facts to help you make an informed decision when selecting a new or replacement unit for your property.

The Differences Between Central and Mini-Split Cooling Systems

A central air conditioner utilizes an exterior cooling unit attached to ductwork. The ductwork then conducts chilled air into the interior spaces of a property. A mini-split cooling system operates without the use of extensive ducts by employing small cooling units placed in each room or zone of a structure. An exterior compressor that’s capable of serving up to eight individual mini-splits is located outside the building.

Determining Which System Is the Most Efficient Option for You

Efficiency is a relative term when applied to cooling systems. If you need to keep a large home or commercial building cool all summer long, a central air conditioning unit is likely the most efficient option. If there are rooms within your property that you seldom use, however, a mini-split system will allow you to focus your cooling in the more frequently utilized spaces for better overall efficiency. With a mini-split system, you also have the option to increase the flow of cooled air in areas that tend to stay uncomfortably warm due to sun exposure, window placement, or poor insulation. You can do this instead of dropping the temperature throughout the entire property to compensate.

Learn More About Your Cooling Options Today

Quick Comfort provides comprehensive installation, repair, and replacement services for heating and cooling systems. Our team is standing by to answer your questions about mini-splits and standard cooling systems, so contact us to request a consultation in Lincoln or the surrounding areas.

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