January 10, 2021

Keeping a dirty furnace filter in place can cause various potential problems. Besides risking possible damage to the furnace, a homeowner might find it harder and more costly to maintain the preferred temperature inside the house. So, switching out the old filter for a fresh one at the right time seems wise. What is the right time, though?

The Right Time for Replacement May Vary

A 90-day duration is typically suggested for keeping a filter before switching it out, but this isn’t ideal in all circumstances. Even with moderate use, a furnace may experience a significant buildup of dust and debris. Consider your unique situation. If you have pets or live with a smoker in your home, your air filter will certainly get dirty faster and may even require changing once a month. On the other hand, certain larger filters may not require changing for six months or longer. Check the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule for a specific filter. Also, remember that a visual inspection of the filter will tell you more than anything.

Changing the Filter Ahead of Scehdule

Be aware that the suggested due date is only that, a suggestion. Although 90 days might be the recommended time for replacing a filter, checking the filter every 30 days will help a homeowner discover a clogged filter that might have otherwise been neglected. While that neglect continues, the furnace is laboring under an unnecessary burden.

When the temperature drops to an uncomfortable level, running the furnace almost constantly may prove necessary. If the furnace operates nearly continuously for several weeks due to inclement weather, this strenuous use will take an additional toll on the air filter. In this situation, expect to change the filter sooner than you’d intended to.

Changing the Filter Doesn’t Mean Cleaning It

Some types of filters are reusable, and others are not. Washing a non-reusable filter could lead to regrettable problems. Installing a fresh filter takes minimal effort and costs little. Why not do that instead?

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