At Quick Comfort, we offer heating repair services to the people living in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. You should request these services if there are cold spots in your house. Such spots usually indicate that a heating system is struggling to distribute heat throughout a home evenly. That can be caused by ductwork’s airflow problems.

    Heating Repair in Springfield, IL

    You should also request these heating services if unusual odors come from your heating system anytime you switch it on. In such a case, our heating service technicians will check whether there is mold and mildew growth in the system. Excess moisture in an indoor space usually causes such growth.

    Springfield’s Heating Repair Team

    You will likely feel too cold when spending time in your Springfield home during the cold winter months. That is why you need to always ensure that your heating system is perfect. In case it is not, you should request a repair. Requesting these services right away will help you protect the system from further irreversible damage.

    Springfield’s Heating Repair TeamIf you fail to repair the system on time, it will struggle to heat your home. That will, in turn, lower the efficiency of the system. Your monthly energy bills will also increase as a result.

    You should let us repair your heating system if it produces clanking, screeching, and banging sounds when it is operating. Screeching sounds usually indicate a worn-out motor or a motor bearing that has been dislocated. Banging and clanging sounds, on the other hand, indicate that air has been trapped in the system. We can help you remove this air through a process that we call bleeding.

    Banging noises can also be a sign of delayed ignition. This kind of ignition occurs when the system’s gas fails to get lit immediately when you switch on your heating system. This gas then accumulates in the system, and when it gets ignited, a small explosion occurs. This explosion is what is now associated with banging sounds. The explosion can severely damage your furnace.

    You should also let us service and repair your heating system if it often shuts on and off. That is usually a sign of a malfunctioning heat exchanger. A malfunctioning heat exchanger can also make the heating system operate for a long period.

    There are several warning signs that should make you request our heating system repair services:
    • Unusual pilot light colors
    • Cold air coming from a heating system’s vents
    • Poor indoor air quality
    • Constant thermostat adjustments

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    Quick Comfort offers emergency heating maintenance and repair services to Springfield residents. We are a well-reputed heating company located in Lincoln. We have qualified, knowledgeable, and NATE-certified technicians.

    Contact Quick Comfort now to learn more about each heating service in Springfield that we offer. We can also help with heating installation and maintenance services.

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