Heating and HVAC in Decatur, ILIf you are having heating problems in Decatur, IL, turn to our team at Quick Comfort. We offer a range of HVAC services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance on all types of systems. When problems arise with your system, we are the professionals to call for prompt service. We also offer emergency services. Your HVAC system is critical for keeping your home comfortable all year. Decatur winters are unbearably cold without a heater, and most residents wouldn’t think of going without an air conditioner during the summer when temperatures inch close to 90.

    Heating Repair in Decatur

    Heaters typically last 15 to 20 years, but they can break down before the end of their expected life span. When breakdowns occur, call Quick Comfort for repair. Heater malfunctions arise for many reasons, including wear and tear, dirty filters, electrical problems, and thermostat issues. While problems can arise with seemingly no warning, there are often warning signs.

    Do not hesitate to call us if you have noticed the following signs of heater malfunction.
    • Cold air coming from the vents
    • Strange noises during operation
    • A yellow pilot light
    • Frequent short-cycling
    • Increasing electric bills
    • Cold rooms

    Ignoring the signs above will only cause them to worsen. As problems increase, so do the costs of repair. We urge you to contact us at Quick Comfort with all your heating repair needs because we stand behind our work 100%.

    Expert Heater Installation Services

    When it comes time for a new heating unit, relying on expert technicians becomes critical. Installing a heater is not for the average DIYer because of the possibility of injuries, home damage, or system malfunction.

    Our technicians will keep you informed of the progress of your installation from start to finish. When the installation is complete, we will clean up our mess and ensure you know how to operate your new system.

    HVAC Installation

    Thorough HVAC Maintenance Services

    A properly maintained system is going to last longer and work more efficiently. We recommend annual maintenance services to find minor problems before they become big headaches.

    Our maintenance services include a full check of your system, lubricating the moving parts, checking the electrical connections and tightening loose ones, and repairing any issues. Well-maintained systems are more likely to last 20 years, and they can sometimes last longer.

    Maintenance services protect your investment and help prevent costly breakdowns. Your HVAC system will work more effectively if you keep it maintained, and you are likely to see lower energy bills month after month.

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