September 20, 2020

Most years, you will tend to use your air conditioner the most during the late spring and summer months. In the fall and winter seasons, it is often too cold to run your air conditioner on a regular basis. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you may want to cover a condenser unit when it is not being used.

Protect the Condenser Unit From Moisture Damage

The fall, winter and early spring seasons can feature a significant amount of precipitation. Whether moisture falls from the sky in the form of rain or snow, it can still wreak havoc with a condenser unit. For instance, consistent exposure to wet conditions could cause the unit to rust or for components inside of it to rust. There is also a chance that exposure to water could result in electrical shorts.

Protect an Air Conditioner From Falling Debris

It isn’t uncommon for tree branches that are covered with ice or snow to fall on whatever happens to be below them. Power lines, gutters and other objects may also fall onto or into your air conditioner during the fall or winter seasons. If your air conditioner is damaged, the folks at Quick Comfort in Lincoln, IL, can repair the damage. They may also be able to replace a damaged air conditioner or provide routine maintenance.

Don’t Let Animals Get Too Comfortable

Animals such as mice, rabbits or squirrels may attempt to take refuge in a condenser unit during a particularly cold or wet night. They may chew through wires, leave behind droppings or take other actions that could damage the unit and end up causing you problems later on.

At Quick Comfort, we can repair or replace your furnace, perform indoor air quality assessments and take other steps to keep your home in good condition throughout the year. To learn more about how we may be able to meet your needs, give us a call right away!

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