July 15, 2020
Updated October 2023

Air conditioning is an important luxury for many households. However, there are often questions of whether it can have adverse effects as well. Let’s take a close look at whether air conditioning can cause sinus problems.

Preexisting Conditions

It’s important to remember that people with preexisting conditions are more susceptible to sinus problems. If you have a history of asthma or allergies, there is a chance that AC ventilation will provoke these conditions further. You might not want to breathe the air in directly. However, note that air conditioners do not create these problems out of thin air. It is simply building upon your history of preexisting conditions.

Extreme Cold

Next, if you turn your AC unit down to its coldest setting, you will be more prone to sinus problems. Like the outside climate, the extreme cold is known to cause sinus problems in some individuals. First, you should realize that this is not the point of AC anyway. It is not designed to turn your home into a freezer. Anyhow, it’s generally better to not turn it all the way down for the sheer sake of your nasal system.

AC Fan

Finally, using the fan on the AC can potentially lead to sinus problems. There is a big difference between cooling your home and cooling it while blowing the air all over the place. If you sit in front of the TV with cool air blowing in your face for hours, it could agitate your sinus system. You are better off turning the fan down while maintaining the same cool temperature or simply moving farther away from the unit.

Contact Professional Services

In conclusion, air conditioning usually does not cause sinus problems except in certain situations. If you need an AC installation in Lincoln, IL, you’ll want to contact a professional company such as Quick Comfort. Our technicians will install an amazing AC that should not lead to sinus problems later. We’re also competent in heating repairs, HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality solutions. Do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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