November 10, 2022
Fridge in Lincoln, IL

Refrigeration is probably the last thing on your mind as winter comes rolling in. However, the cooling system in your Lincoln, Illinois home is guaranteed to be a top-of-the-mind consideration as winter gives way to spring and spring becomes summer. It pays to take good care of this equipment even when it isn’t actively in use. The following covers three ways to keep your refrigeration system in excellent condition throughout the cold season.

1. Clear Out Backyard Debris

When strong gusts of wind blow through your backyard, you want to be sure that they won’t force any heavy items into your air conditioner’s condenser. Clean up all broken tree branches and remove any freestanding toys, barbecue pits, and other items that aren’t firmly mounted or tied down.

If your AC condenser sits under any trees, have these trees limbed so that there aren’t weak, aging, or broken branches that might come crashing down. You should also make sure that all gutters, downspouts, and roof tiles in this area are firmly secured as well. These efforts will prevent your condenser unit from sustaining serious, impact-related harm.

2. Steer Clear of Condenser Covers

Covering your condenser might seem like a great way to keep this unit protected from the outdoor elements. In reality, however, both handmade and store-bought condenser covers can do more harm than good. This is especially true if they’re left on condensers for too long. Condenser covers inhibit airflow and trap moisture inside. Using one will increase the likelihood of rust formation.

AC condensers are specially designed for withstanding harsh weather. They’re durable enough for snow, rain, sleet, and wind exposure. If you prefer to cover your refrigeration system’s outside component during major winter storms, be sure to remove your cover within just 24 to 48 hours of putting it on so that the condenser can dry out.

3. Clean Off Accumulated Snow and Ice

Although AC condensers are meant to withstand the ravages of winter, they do have their limits. Rather than letting heavy snow loads accumulate on top of the condenser, clean any buildup of frozen precipitation off when clearing your roof and shoveling your driveway. This is also a good time to remove any twigs or other windblown debris that’s collected around the condenser’s perimeter.

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