December 17, 2020

Indoor air quality is important, and many home and business owners don’t keep track of it as well as good health calls for. Managing indoor air quality doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Here are three great tips for monitoring your home or business’s air quality.

1. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Today, there are some great devices on the market that can quickly and accurately gauge indoor air quality. These are typically handheld, and when activated, pull a sample from the air in real-time. With this quick sample, these devices can then tell you exactly what types of air pollution are present as well as exactly how much is present.

2. Air Filter Checks

Another way to tell how much particulate matter is in your air is by regularly checking any air filters you have in your home or business. Checking the filters in standalone air filter systems as well as the filters used in your HVAC system will give you a reasonable idea of how much material is floating around in the air. Filters that become dirty quickly are a sure sign of lots of air pollution being present.

3. Natural Sensory

Finally, natural sensory is yet another good way to gauge indoor air cleanliness. If you often see a lot of material floating around in the air when you open your windows, for example, this is a sign of significant indoor air pollution. Likewise, leaving a glass of water out and finding particulate matter in it after some time is also a bad sign. However, smaller pollution particles will not be discoverable by natural senses aside from signs of sickness and other health-related clues.

Indoor air quality is an important part of maintaining a safe and comfortable home or office environment, and here at Quick Comfort, we provide professional services for monitoring and maintaining indoor air quality to high standards. We are a full-spectrum HVAC service company, and in addition to air quality services, we provide leading heating and cooling system services, expert consultation services, and more. Give us a call at any time of the day or night, and experience the best HVAC service the greater Lincoln, Illinois, region has to offer.

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