September 19, 2022
AC Unit in Lincoln, IL
Updated July 20, 2023

AC fan speeds are often adjusted to a standard setting of 400 cubic feet per minute during the time of installation. Unfortunately, this “set-it-and-forget” method doesn’t work for all households, and it isn’t guaranteed to work for all time. Fan speed adjustments should be precise and streamlined to suit the individual living environment. Following are three benefits that you might enjoy when having the AC fan speed lowered in your Lincoln, Illinois home.

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Less Humidity

High fan speeds in a virtually airtight home can cause noticeable increases in indoor humidity. Every time you make an effort to better insulate your house or to shore up possible air leaks, you lower your cooling demand. These measures save money, but they also shorten the length of cooling cycles.

With a higher fan speed, a highly efficient home can feel both muggy and cool at the same time. Lowering your fan speed will extend the length of each cooling cycle. This way, your air conditioner will have a greater opportunity to both lower indoor temperatures and regulate indoor humidity as well.

Cooler Air

A forceful, fast-moving fan will push air across your cooling system’s evaporator coil at an accelerated rate. This means that the refrigerant in this coil might not have enough time to cool the air down. In this instance, a slower fan speed will dramatically lower the temperature of the air that’s being distributed throughout your home.

Fewer Problems with Your HVAC Ductwork

A continuous stream of fast-moving air can be hard on your HVAC ductwork. This is especially true if building residents periodically close air vents throughout your home. If your HVAC ductwork is nearing the end of its lifespan, a lower fan speed may be necessary for keeping serious problems at bay. When your air conditioner’s fan speed is just right, the air flowing out of your vents will be slower and less forceful, but it will also be noticeably colder.

At Quick Comfort, we tailor our fan speed adjustments to suit the nature, needs, and nuances of every environment. We offer air conditioner and furnace installation, maintenance, and repair services to residents of Lincoln, IL and the surrounding areas. Homeowners can also turn to us for air purification, heat pumps, and indoor air quality services. Call us today!

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